Member Experience

Benefits & Perks

Professional Network

Belong to a private network that’s a mix of the eager, energetic youth with wise and experienced professionals. All coming together in search for new connections and opportunities; swapping stories and sharing ideas to learn, collaborate and grow their careers. Whenever our members need business help or have questions, there's a diverse community of experts they can turn to.


Mentorship Program

“A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” Seasoned, successful business professionals act as mentors giving career advise, opening doors, making introductions and sharing wisdom.


Work Environment

During business hours, the space is ideal to work, meet and collaborate. Members can interact for inspiration, or find a quiet spot to get work done. The atmosphere is designed to enhance productivity, in every way possible. The music stimulates and the food boosts brain power, memory and focus.


Social Environment

After business hours, the music rises, and the space transforms into a social environment filled with great energy and amazing people. Members meet, greet and connect with others in a fun space that comes alive with ideas and excitement.


The Network Bar App

Get access to the most powerful technological networking tool ever made. With TNB app, members open our front door, they see profiles of every member at the bar, what they do, their skills, and everything needed to spark up a conversation and network efficiently.


Enrichment Program

Members will experience a lecture series, fire-side chats and workshops delivered by some of the most accomplished professionals in their fields, covering a wide range of topics.


Social Events

Enjoy one-of-a-kind entertainment experiences like wine tastings, visiting chefs, celebrity DJs, sporting events, and too many other fun things to mention.


VIP Concierge Service

Our concierge will facilitate connections with hard to reach members, give recommendations on the must-sees in town, and tackle just about anything you can throw their way.


Meeting Rooms

The privacy you want for a meeting; with the comfort you get in you own living room. Our three meeting rooms can be reserved on a first come, first serve basis for meetings and private gatherings.



Successful people always travel in packs, so we encourage our members to bring with them up to 3 guests in each visit to meet, mingle and network and perhaps even apply for memberships themselves.