House Rules

All our members are VIPs. But just as it is nice to be important, it’s important to be nice. We don’t like rules, but we believe some general polite etiquette is key.

  • Members and their guests will be respectful and conduct themselves in a professional and cordial fashion.
  • Members and their guests shall dress in the manner that is comfortable for them and professional.
  • Guest policies will be strictly enforced:
    • 3 guests maximum per member per visit
    • 5 visits maximum per guest within a year
    • Guest visits are subject to our available capacity.
  • Members and guests must have The Network Bar App on their phone with Bluetooth and Location Services on. Guests will only be able to see their guest pass in the app.
  • Members must have a complete profile created in the mobile app.
  • All open tabs must be closed and paid in full before leaving The Network Bar, as no member charge accounts will be provided.
  • Respect private meeting room reservations and rules.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the premises.
  • Use of illegal substances at The Network Bar will not be tolerated.
  • Except for assistance dogs, no animals will be allowed in The Network Bar.