The Vision

Vision & Mission

“The path to success no longer lies in clawing your way to the top of the heap, but in nudging your way to the center of the network.”

Imagine a place where every detail has been planned out with one sole purpose – to increase member’s Return on Relationships (ROR).

That’s the Network Bar – a members-only concept developed by Stuart Fitts and Phil Romano, the creator of some of the most successful national chains, that takes networking and social interaction to another level. This concept lies at intersection of business and pleasure. It combines brain food, craft cocktails, meeting rooms, and education in the ideal environment for professionals to socialize and build their network. Now add a mobile app to the mix that revolutionizes collaboration and communication.

The Network Bar is where business minds come to build genuine relationships with real people sharing ideas, swapping stories, and using their collective wisdom to make a difference in their lives and those within the community.